Sergey Belkov (VNIIEF)
Nikolay Narozhny (MEPhI)
Alexander Sergeev (IAP RAS)
Toshiki Tajima (ICUIL)

Scientific Secretary:
Artem Korzhimanov

The registration has been closed because the limit number of participants has been reached.

The program is now available!

The International School on Ultra-Intense Lasers will be held in the Hotel@Resort "Yunost", 40 km from Moscow, Russia, from 4 to 9 October, 2015.
The School is organized by the International Committee on Ultra-Intense Lasers (ICUIL), the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IAP RAS), the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI and the Russian Federal Nuclear Center VNIIEF.

The School is primarily aimed at providing postgraduate students and other early career researchers working in ultra-intense laser science with a thorough pedagogical grounding in high power laser physics, laser-matter interaction physics, laser-plasma accelerators, laser-based x-ray sources and inertial confinement fusion.

The participants are free of any charges except travel expenses. The number of available places is however limited and the registration will be open until the limit will be reached.

The lectures will be given by distinguished experts in the field representing world leading research centers from around the world.

Additionally to the lectures there will be evening interactive classes conducted by distinguished Russian specialists in the field. This classes are assumed to have no general form and the way the class will appear depend on a teacher and students. However the main idea behind them is to make contact of students and teachers as close as possible. The classes are divided in 4 topics and all of them will be conducted in parallel. The name of the topics may be found below.

On the first day of the School there will bу a poster session. The participation in the session is, however, optional. Those who would like to participate will be given the space for one A0 poster.

On Wednesday we are planning to make a short sightseeing tour in a hotel neighborhood. It will also include an outing if the weather allow it. So, please, be sure you will bring a warm sweeter or a jacket because in October outside temperatures at evening may be as low as just several degrees above zero by Celsius (about 40 ºF).

Travel information

How to get to the School place:

Transportation of participants will be organized from the National Research Nuclear University MEPHI to the resort ''Yunost'' by bus. The first bus departs on Sunday the 4rd of October, at 11-00. The departure time for the second bus (presumably 18-00 of the same day) will be announced after the information about arrival of the participants will be collected.

How to get to MEPHI:

From the subway station Kashirskaya one stop by bus or 10-15 minutes walk (see the map)
To Kashirskaya one gets by subway from Domodedovskaya (if arrived to Moscow-Domodedovo), Kievskaya (if arrived to Moscow-Vnukovo) and Belorusskaya (if arrived to Moscow-Seremetevo).

The list of main lectures

Sergey Belkov, RFNC-VNIIEF, Russia
Problems of laser fusion
Dimitrios Charalambidis, The Univ. of Crete, FORTH-IESL, Greece; ELI-ALPS
Attosecond science

Eric Cormier, CELIA, France
Part 1: Metrology of ultrashort laser pulses: Femtosecond time scales
Part 2: Metrology of ultrashort laser pulses: Attosecond time scales

Julien Fuchs, LULI, France
Laboratory astrophysics with ultra intense lasers
Igor Kostyukov, IAP RAS, Russia
Electron acceleration with ultra-intense lasers
Thomas Kuehl, GSI, Germany
At the interface between ultra-intense lasers and nuclear and high-energy physics
Nikolay Narozhny, MEPhI, Russia
Extreme light physics
Alexander Pukhov, University of Duesseldorf, Germany
Particle-in-cell codes for plasma-based particle acceleration
High intensity laser interaction with solid density targets: novel sources of x rays and energetic ions
Christophe Simon-Boisson, Thales Optronique S.A.S., France
Technologies and achievements in the field of industrial grade TeraWatt and PetaWatt lasers
Vladimir Tikhonchuk, CELIA, France
Physics of laser-plasma interaction in application to ICF
Ken-Ichi UedaUniv. of Electro-Communications, Japan
Laser history: from gas lasers to solid state lasers and fiber lasers

Interactive classes:

I. High average power and high-energy lasers
conducted by:
Efim Khazanov, IAP RAS
Sergey Grechin, Bauman MSTU
Andrey Kuznetsov, NRNU MEPhI
Oleg Sharov, RNFC
Oleg Palashov, IAP RAS

II. Femtosecond-laser-plasma interaction and particle acceleration
conducted by:
Alexander Sergeev, IAP RAS
Mikhail Starodubtsev, IAP RAS
Evgenia Echkina, MSU
Artem Korzhimanov, IAP RAS

III. Laser ceramics: fabrication and application
conducted by:
Ivan Mukhin, IAP RAS
Stanislav Balabanov, IHPS RAS
Yuriy Kapylov, IRE RAS
Sergey Kuznetsov, GPI RAS

IV. Interaction of strong lasers with quantum systems
conducted by:
Alexander Fedotov, NRNU MEPhI
Sergey Popruzhenko, NRNU MEPhI
Mikhail Emelin, IAP RAS
Evgeny Gelfer, NRNU MEPhI
Arseny Mironov, NRNU MEPhI